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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who makes that kind of commitment to a shoe?

So, Gentle Reader, I’m an unabashed fan of movies. And TV. And comics. Pretty much any visual medium, I’m a fan. 

Except, for some reason, modern art. Not sure why, but it never connects with me. 

I did want to point out, though, that what looks like a really fun movie is coming out this year, in the form of Arthur. It’s a remake of the Dudley Moore movie of the same name

The new Arthur stars Russell Brand as Arthur, Helen Mirren as his nanny and friend, and Jennifer Garner as the wealthy heiress….you know what, just watch the trailer: 

Alright, back? Great, so this movie looks hysterical. Which can pretty much tell you my kind of sense of humor. 

Plus, for some reason, I just really enjoy Russell Brand. He has a high energy and likability that appeals to me. Helen Mirren, meanwhile, just exudes class and sexiness. 

And yet, I really feel like Jennifer Garner is completely wasted in this movie. I will, at the risk of losing my man card entirely, loved 13 Going On 30. It was adorable. Jennifer Garner is an awesome actress. But, lately no one seems to be giving her roles that, I feel, play to her adorableness. 

Or maybe that’s the roles she’s going for, breaking free of the adorable mold in favor of something completely different. Like being trapped against a magnetic bed wearing….a corset? I don’t know what she’s wearing. 

Ladies, help me out here. 

So yes, there are many great movies coming out in 2011, Arthur is definitely one I’m looking forward to. And, hopefully, there will be a far more extended version of Dame Helen Mirren wearing a Darth Vader mask. 

Because seriously, I would watch that movie just by itself. 

Play me out Queen and David Bowie!


  1. Hi Jmimms - if you are going to give Bryce a go start with "The Power of One" then "Tandia' which is the book that follows. The I would suggest The Australia Trilogy which consists of The potato factory, Tommo and Hawke and Solomons Song. Enjoy!

  2. Well, though I agree that Brand is possibly high (on something), I don't care for him. But the movie does look hilarious and I would watch it even though Brand is the main character. A true man also can appreciate chick flicks so you didn't lose you're man card to me. (LOL!)

  3. As a girl, I'll help you out ;)
    I agree with you. Jennifer needs to embrace the adorable seems natural. Leave the femme fatale (sp...and too lazy to look it up) to Angelina Jolie.