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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mimsey's Top 11 Movie Villains: Brought to you by the Wicked Souls Blog Tour

Greetings Gentle Readers, 

In keeping with the proud Mimsical tradition, I’m hosting a blog tour (as I do) and decided what better way to celebrate a book like Wicked Souls then by bringing you a top ten list. A VILLAIN TOP TEN LIST! 

 It's ALIVE!

Yes, I know, I already did one.   

Here’s Mimsey’s Top 11 Favorite Movie Villains. Why 11? BECAUSE I’M EVIL!

 And enjoy cake.

1)  Joker

Billy S said it best when he said “O villain, villain, smiling damnèd villain!” The Joker's been played by a Latin Lover, a Werewolf and even that guy from that movie. You know who I’m talking about, the social outcast who finds love in an unexpected place. 

What were you expecting?

Joker is one of those truly fun characters who can be plugged into virtually any medium. Want a dark, serious character study? Try The Dark Knight. Want an over-the-top action film? Batman. Want a movie that features Batman fighting an exploding shark? Batman the Movie!

It makes sense in context

And on a personal note, a group of friends and I have made it an annual tradition to watch the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Christmas with the Joker”. And if you can’t enjoy Joker riding a rocket Christmas tree, then we probably can’t be friends.

 2)  M. Bison

Pictured here, raising the roof

In all honesty, this pick is more about the actor who plays Bison, Raul Julia. I remember absolutely loving The Addams Family films, and Julia was a huge part of that. 

Pictured here about to make sweet sweet love to Morticia

But, the thing is, I also loved the Street Fighter games, which were probably one of my favorite fighting games of all time. Look, anytime an Indian Yogi can fight an electrified green mutant, that is truly a classic for the ages. 

I'm pretty sure she's the Yogi. Or at least does Yoga.

M. Bison, whether in a video game, movie, or awful cartoon, is an amazing character. Only a true character would wear that hat, jacket AND cape! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going on Etsy to look for some evening wear. 

3)  The Velociraptors

I got to watch Jurassic Park on the big screen a while back (and then blogged about it) and I still say THE MOVIE HOLDS UP! I think one of the biggest parts of what made the film work was the villains. Specifically, those dastardly Velociraptors!

Even her smile is evil!

Not only are they smart enough to open doors, kill Samuel L. Jackson, and outsmart a man wearing short shorts...but they also made me terrified to go into a kitchen. Seriously, I bought an industrial sized freezer just so I could trap an attacking Velociraptor in there. 

I have the same reaction whenever I come across a ladle

 But Mimsey, I’m sure you’re asking, why aren’t the other dinosaurs on this list? A pack of Compsognathus attack a little girl and that dude from Prison Break, a Dilophosaurus eats Newman, and the T-Rex…. 

4)  Khan

For the record, that chest is all him. Dude was RIPPED!

Khan Noonien Singh, the most multitalented Sikh since Freddie Mercury, he’s one of the most iconic Star Trek villains of all time. He was introduced to the world played by Ricardo Montalban, who probably fulfilled more than one lady’s fantasies if you know what I mean. 


Khan went on to be the centerpiece of arguably the best Star Trek films, and proved once and for all that there is a fine line between love and hate. Don’t believe me, watch how he says “Kirk.”  

And wears a plunging neckline for maximum cleavage

Now, I should probably say that the new Star Trek flick has a Khan too. Granted, instead of Mexican heartthrob Ricardo Montalban we have The Lord of the Fan Girls Benedict Cumberbatch. In fairness, I think Cumberbatch is absolutely amazing in the role of Mad British Genius. However, for best homoeroticism they should have just had Martin Freeman play Kirk. 

They know what you're up to with your fan fiction. And they approve.

5)  Gordon Gekko

In fairness, I really didn’t watch Wall Street when it first came out, mostly because when it came out I still considered Sesame Street to be the high water mark of entertainment. 

Greed is brought to you by the letter G!

 However, Michael Douglas is absolutely amazing in this flick, and just as an actor in general. If you’ve never seen Romancing the Stone definitely give it a watch. What’s crazy is, he was even great in Wall Street 2: Electric Boogaloo, even if he did literally just repeat his earlier performance.Though I would argue his greatest act of villainy would be taking Catherine Zeta-Jones off the market. 

6)  HAL 9000

The most evil computer since Windows 8, HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer---apparently his evil power is “Names That Make No Sense”) is, according to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey first brought online in 1992, which was also the year that gave us Aladdin, Wayne’s World and Sister Act. Truly, a banner year. 

Part of what makes HAL work as a villain is what makes all villains great. There’s just the right amount of sympathy for HAL, even as he ruthlessly tries to kill Dave. He might be a schizophrenic computer, but he’s OUR schizophrenic computer.

In fact, I think there’s a direct lineage between the most evil computer and the most awesome. In all seriousness, I think KITT is HAL’S love child!

7)  Biff Tannen

Poor Tom Wilson. He’s a really nice guy, and has an amazing musical comedy career. However, there’s acting and then there’s Biff. Biff was so powerful; he went back in time and inspired every movie bully ever!
Biff is such a great villain, that when director Robert Zemeckis decides to do a Western, he doesn’t even cast someone new. He literally just has Cowboy Biff Tannen. It’s awesome!

Alright, yes, I will admit, I love the Back to the Future trilogy. I still remember watching all three movies with my Dad, and being mesmerized. Because forget throwing a football, a Michael J. Fox marathon is REAL MALE BONDING!

Nothing brings people together like vehicular homicide.

8)  The Shark

Where's your Bat-Shark Repellant now?

 This is specifically talking about the shark from Jaws. Or, if you believe in reinacarnation, the shark from all four films. By the way, I was researching the films on Wikipedia and they mentioned the last film Jaws: The Revenge featured the return of Gary.  


Gary refers to Lorraine Gary, who plays Ellen Brody, who is Martin Brody’s wife, who is the Sherriff in the first two films. And that shark is absolutely terrifying. In the first film. 

It's kind of downhill from there

I think what makes the shark so scary is that we just DON’T SEE HIM. We see what he does, which includes eating a kid in broad daylight, but it’s not until the final portion of the film that we even see the shark. Followed promptly by Roy Scheider pooping his pants!

9)  Lord Voldemort

Played by the always amazing Ralph Fiennes, Lord Voldemort first appears in Goblet of Fire (uh, spoilers?) though before that he made his presence known through 1) Sharing someone’s head, 2) Having an evil diary, and 3) Having a minion that spent twelve years living with a family of gingers. 

 Come on man, try to at least ACT 
like you aren't required to introduce yourself to the neighbors.

Trust me, by the time he arrives we’re kind of ready. And man does he deliver! This dude ends up killing more beloved characters then Joss Whedon. And to be honest, if he’d just not let his overblown ego get in the way, maybe learned to delegate a bit more, he might have actually succeeded.
So yes, Voldemort is enjoyable in spite of himself. Also, he really makes that bald look work. Like, apparently bald dudes just rock the world. Also, in a perfect world, Patrick Stewart would have played Voldemort. And it would have been AMAZING!

10)  Christopher Lee

Now, I was going to just put Sauromon from the Rings movies, but then I realized it’s Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee. This man has been Dracula, an evil wizard, a James Bond villain, a Sith Lord and MULTIPLE SYMPHONIC METAL ALBUMS.

And that’s not even covering the fact that he served in the SAS during WWII, was a cousin of author Ian Fleming, and was assigned to the Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects where he was tasked with tracking down Nazi war criminals. Wait wait….there was a point in history where the man who would be Dracula, Sauroman and The Man with the Golden Gun hunted down Nazi’s and NO ONE HAS MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THIS?

11)  Darth Vader

Look, who else could it be? Seriously, this is a guy who, IN HIS FIRST APPEARANCE, powerlifts a dude and chokes him like it ain’t no thing.

"Oh, you know. I work out when I can. Do some reps. Some crunches."

Voiced by James Earl Jones and portrayed by bodybuilder David Prowse, Darth Vader is so evil his lightsaber looks like Satan’s middle finger. In the prequels that shall not be named, they have to give Darth Maul horns, a motorcycle and TWO lightsabers just to compete with a masked dude in a cape. 

Darth Vader embodies everything that makes a villain great. He’s got awesome fashion sense, presence coming out the eyeballs, and he has absolutely no time for snoody middle managers in a boring board room meeting. And be honest, wouldn’t we all just like to Force choke somebody every now and then? 

And then give a piggy-back ride to Freddy Mercury?

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I plan on making Wicked Souls a series of three books. Then after that I am considering writing a sci-fi series and from there, who knows.

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