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Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Ideas for Older Things

Hello Gentlereaders, 

It has been a slightly hectic time professionally and artistically. Professionally, I’ve been cleaning out the studio in preparation for the fall, and the coming of students. We have an enormous amount of unused and wasted equipment. And, sadly, its outdated as well. I hate waste. I hate wasting food, I hate wasting money, and I hate having thousands of dollars in obsolete equipment. 

Of course, I could always take the VHS cameras, the equipment, and the Betacam machines, and make the best UHF station ever. Then again, I would most likely have to broadcast it over the internet, but it would still be fun. 

I’ll save that idea for later. Maybe. 

Artistically, thanks to my wonderful friends at Staccato Publishing, The Five Santas is shaping up marvelously. We’re tweaking, reshaping, and working on the cover art. I’m also, sadly, having to abandon my initial idea for my follow-up book, instead re-writing my first novel and releasing it as Santas sequel.
That book needs a lot of work, and that’s what I’ve been mainly doing. Re-writing. Because let’s face it. Writing is re-writing. Art is not completed, only abandoned. 

Hope all is well in your world Gentle Reader. Not Big Willy (Female) is coming along nicely in her pregnancy. She, Not Big Willy (Male), and of course Big Willy all say “Hi!” Or Neigh as the case may be. 

Play me out Teddy the Singing Horse:

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