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Monday, November 14, 2011

Can't forget your first...

Hello Gentle Readers, 

Can I be corny and heartwarming for a second? 

When I was in first grade, I had this teacher who, for whatever reason, absolutely loved me. I loved her. We just clicked. Obviously she loves all her students, and I’ve had other great teachers. But we have this bond, this strange and wonderful bond. She’s Miss Rita and I’m her Joshua. 

In first grade she made me promise to dedicate my first book to her. I hadn’t written anything, mind you, but she thought I might do something with my life, and wanted to hedge her bets. 

Now fast forward about twenty-something years. Miss Rita is retired, I’m working a nine-to-five, and “The Five Santas” just had its first book signing. I invited her out to it, because it was within driving distance, and seriously how could I not. 

Because oh yeah, I totally dedicated the book to her.I really hope she likes it. 

Don’t forget to hug a teacher. 

Now play me out rendition of “The Dark Knight” set to the 1960’s Adam West Batman theme:

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  1. AW! That's so sweet. Congrats on the publication.