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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy GroundHog Day!

Hello Gentle Readers,

I'll start by saying that I have no idea if the Groundhog saw it's shadow. Either we're in for more Winter Which around my neck of the woods is really just 71 degrees. Unless I wear a short sleeve shirt. Then it's Monsoon winds and 30 below.

Or we'll get Spring.

Or Dino Riders. 

But, I couldn't help but realize what a wholly ambigous holiday this is. We should be celebrating! Seriously! This is an amazing holiday! Where else but American can a bunch of Pennsylvania Germans put down their schnitzel and pull a groundhog out of a hole. And then ask the groundhog if it's seen it's shadow. 
And buy Whole Life Insurance from Ned Ryerson! Bing!
Why aren't we celebrating this? Why doesn't TBS play Groundhog Day for 24 straight hours, like it does with A Christmas Story
Or better yet, why don't we have celebrations leading up to it? Maybe have woodchucks in malls across America, just hanging out and let kids have their picture taken with "Phil". And yes, woodchucks and groundhogs are the same animal. If Wikipedia says it, it must be true.

Pictured: What the groundhog does every other day.

So here's to you Punxsutawney Phil! May whatever random decision you make based on the first thing you see in the a good one. 

"And I shall have Fruity Hoops. For they were on-sale and I had a coupon."


  1. I love the movie Groundhog Day! Love Bill Murray! And I'm not sure about the seeing shadow and what which means, but I hear from facebook that spring will come early.

    1. I'm very glad spring will come early. And may you be trapped in a wonderful, beautiful day, and maybe hook up with Andie McDowell. Or Roddie McDowell. Whoever might be your thing.