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Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're still here...

On the bright side gentle reader, we are still alive. The Super-Moon did not in fact bring about the end of the world as we know it. 

My parents came to visit the Man Cave, and my Mom saw for the first time that I could live in a relatively clean environment. Without going into embarrassing detail too much, the last time I lived on my own, I sort of made a mess of things. Or rather, lived in a giant mess of an apartment.  This time I’m trying not to make the same mistakes I made last time. 

Instead I’m going to make ALL NEW ONES! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

But no, so far so good. Big Willy and friends came up to my parents, but were disappointed not to receive carrots. My Mom almost fell in a ditch, while trying to go see Big Willy, but I caught her in time. And despite near panic about Bees disappearing, there seemed to be quite a few around my house. And by quite a few I mean a GINORMOUS AMOUNT OF BEES!

As a final update, I made a new friend yesterday (Saturday) at an antique store. The proprietress is apparently an aspiring writer, and wanted to know if I knew any agents. I laughed. Not at her, mind you, because that’d be rude. No I laughed because I too am a writer, formerly in desperate search of an agent. Until I realized that I could publish on my own, and go my own way. 

I explained to Donna (her real name) about the miracle of self-publishing, and also offered to email her. However, she’s doing a romance novel, and I sent her some information on where to find submission guidelines for romance publishers. If you didn’t know, gentle reader, most romance publishers are willing to accept direct submissions without an agent. 

However, if you’d like to know more about self-publishing, romance, or the mysteries of the universe, send me a note. I’m going to set-up a gmail account just for this blog, and also for my future legions of fans to be able to better contact me. 



  1. Thankgod the world didn't end, there is no way i could go to heaven looking like this!

  2. I know many have had much success with self publishing; however, apparently, I have some sort of sadistic attitude toward it. I will fight the pain of waiting to have my book traditionally published.

  3. Fight the power! Also, I can't fight this feeling anymore: