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Friday, March 18, 2011

More Deer, same horses...

Had a bit of a communing with nature moment this morning, gentle readers. Went to give the last of my carrots (got to go the store and pick some more up) to Big Willy and the gang. They seemed to enjoy the carrots and tolerate me. 

But as I was turning to go back into my man cave, I nearly had the life scared out of me. There was a doe, a deer, a female deer, staring at me. Not nearby mind you, though that would have made this story far funnier. No, the deer was hanging out, near the woods by my abode. Just staring. 

Presumably it was petrified of me. Though, I hate to break it to this deer, I’m like the last person you’re going to have to worry about. Seriously, I think a three toed sloth would have better luck at bringing down a deer than I would, unless by “Bringing down” you meant “Feeding it frozen pizzas and Dr. Pepper until the deer succumbed to a high cholesterol diet and died”. Then yes, I would totally own that deer. 

Otherwise, no. Doe, the deer, the female deer; you are completely safe. Also, you run way faster than I am used to. 

It seriously bolted like no one’s business. 

Possibly it just wanted a carrot. Unfortunately, Big Willy ate the last of mine.


  1. Beware of those 're's-- that drop of golden sun.

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  3. Thanks Vicky, but you only get one exact same comment post per blog.