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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hello Gentle Readers, 

Do you mind if I put on my writer cap for a moment? Do you ever have a moment when you write something really fun, but then worry it’s not going to work? I’m working on THE GRAY GHOST INN, the third book in the Dan Landis mystery series. On the one hand, I’ve finished the first five chapters, and they are really enjoyable. On the other hand, they have nothing to do with the plot. They are just window dressing. Decent dressing, I’ll give you that, but still dressing. So, now I wonder what to do. Do I excise the chapters? Leave them in? 

See that’s always the problem with writing. It’s all about telling the story as best you can. And as a writer, you have a certain responsibility to get to the point as quickly as possible. Earn your exposition, is something no one says. I think I’ll TM that. “Earn your exposition!” – Jay Mims ™ and ®.
But at the same time, I feel like going into a Dan Landis story, you’re not there for plot. Well, maybe YOU might be there for plot, but I’m there to spend time with the characters and crazies of the Landisverse. So, will I leave it in? Only time and my editor will be able to tell. Who knows, in six months the book may just begin with “They pulled up to the bed and breakfast. It was exactly as cheerful as a place you’d expect The Gray Ghost Inn to be.”

Oooh, that might work!

In other news, book 2 CULT OF KOO-KWAY is coming out in September. I’m super-excited, and to be honest this book is far more personal than THE FIVE SANTAS. Which given how much I love Christmas, would probably be surprising. 

But that’s a story for another time. In the meantime, you can pick up a copy of THE FIVE SANTAS pretty much everywhere books are sold, and trust me, everyone and everything is important! 


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  1. Yes, that is trade-remarkable. LOL. That pun would be respected in Landisville!