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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Pawsome Mimsey Interview with May the K9 Spy!

Hello Gentle Readers, 

It's such a pleasure to be able to interview authors, and shed a little light on their awesome work. Give a warm, four-footed welcome to  KC Frantzen, author of the May the K9 Spy series!

Tell the folks at home a little about yourself?

May and I are so glad to be with you and your readers! Thanks for asking.

Lets see:
     Mom to 6 children, all four-footed. We have 2 horses and 4 rescue dogs, including the real May who will be 14 in people years this June.
     Married to a wonderful man for almost 20 years; only child of fantastic parents who live several states away
     Travel? YES! When and where? Just need enough time to pack and lets go!
     Author - only for the past 12 years or so. Love it, though its a lot of work (but isnt anything thats worthwhile?)

What got you interested in writing?

Way back in elementary school, I won a contest with a story on deep sea fishing. Been hooked (*ahem*) ever since.

Whatve been some challenges?

Regarding writing - Many, but its still worth it. One of my biggest ones is making time to write with a plan. I used to make up the story as I went, but found the editing process was extremely difficult. Much easier to write from a plan, but that involves planning my plan. I tend to research, a LOT, which leads me on some pawmazing rabbit trails (May loves this) but I also need to plan the story too. Trying to balance these aspects of writing a novel is something I find challenging.

Also, letting the first draft be terrible. Yuk. Unlike some others, I write, edit, polish, finish one book before starting another. Going from a beautifully crafted story (at least as beautiful as I can make it) to a messy draft is hard. I have to make myself put away the virtual red pencil and just WRITE. Then I allow myself to edit, which I find is pure fun. For me, thats where the magic happens. But first, I need something on the page to work with.

What advice would you give folks who are interested in writing?


(No really.) Writers write! We must sit down and write. BICHOK (Butt In Chair, Hands on Keyboard) It helps to have a plan, perhaps use the Snowflake Method like I do, but write. Find a way to log in the time, daily if you can discipline yourself, and write.

Did I say you need to write? :) The more you write, the easier it gets in some ways. Also:

     Learn from experts.
     Take a course or two or three
     Attend conferences in your chosen genre(s) or general workshops.
     Find a mentor who is ahead of you on the journey and take to heart what s/he tells you.
     Join an in person or on-line writers group.
     Choose an audience and write your story TO a person in that audience.
     Read those who write with excellence, whether in your genre or not. Then re-read with a pad and paper. Notice HOW they did what they did. How can you apply that to your own work?
     Once youre in the editing phase, ruthlessly cut cut cut. If you can read the page and cut words, sentences or paragraphs (or gasp - chapters) and the story still makes sense, do it. Readers dont have a lot of time. Say what you need to say as powerfully as possible, with brevity. (Please dont use this answer as an example!) As someone said, Make every word on the page fight for its life.

What has been your favorite moment as an author?

Just one? ACK!
I guess holding my print book for the very first time, hot off the press. (My dear husband sent me up to the plant to watch the process!) I literally burst into tears. Poor guy who was running the machine was so concerned. I blubbered, Its all good! Its just been four years since I started this and Im so happy *sob sob*

An overall favorite thing would be how Mays stories resonate with readers of many ages. We have received phone calls, emails, letters, photos, even original artwork from appreciative fans. That has been a real pleasure, to know our words are impacting people pawsitively.

 What should readers know about your books?

Though written for middle graders, most of our fans are adults! This still surprises us but its absolutely true. Seems people of any age enjoy good stories, full of twists and turns, that lead to a satisfying ending. Because of our fans, we have now started the 4th. Also, Im a Christian and write from that worldview, but the books arent Christian. Weve been told they are good stories with a pawsitive message. To find out more check out our website where you can read and hear Chapter One of each book. Thatll give you an idea.

Questions for May:

Hi everypawdy!

Thanks for asking Mom and me here today!

What made you decide to be a K9 spy?


You know, my first story May on the Way: How I Becomea K9 Spy will tell you this exact thing! Its pretty much true, just how Mom and I wrote it. Its told in first dog, which means Im telling it of course. (Since I have no thumbs, Mom is officially the transcriptionist. BOL! I sit in her lap and give her the story ideas, she types and edits and such. It works well for us.)

But since you asked I get rescued from a really bad situation and adopted into the home of a grouchy Labrador. Soon after, my family and I move out to the country. One day, Im out where Im not supposed to be, and see something Im not supposed to see which starts my adventure to become a K9 Spy. Its quite a tale!

In our 2nd novel, Im in K9 Spy boot camp and an exercise goes awry. Uh oh! Im DOGNAPPED and end up in Paris where I team up with a feral cat who lives in a cemetery Pawsome! We go on a mission together and save the day. But of course!

For book 3, I am finally a full-fledged K9 Spy so the mission is classified. All I can tell you is (shhh) enemy dolphins, nuclear submarines

There have been quite a few adventuring pups. Whos your favorite?

No favorites really. Mom and I both adore history so youll find my stories are mostly all true, with me as a K9 Spy character (not so true). But we sure have fun weaving in current events and real people and places. But back to your question, theres a book by Miss Maria Goodavage entitled Soldier Dogs: TheUntold Story of American’s Canine Heroes. Reading about these REAL heroes makes me aspire to do even greater things!

 Order yours. Caution: May cause feelings of happiness

Which of your adventures should readers pick up first, if they want to dive into your mishaps and wacky antics?

Each novel is a story unto itself but readers say they are glad to start reading with the first book. Begin at the beginning as it were.

Did you enjoy Paris?

Oh my yes! Ill never forget it. Not so much how I got there mind you, but the smells, the food, the FURiends I made Mom had an especially good time researching THAT book, I have to say! She really went (and left me behind - hurumph) with only a backpack. She was on the ground in France less than 30 hours but she and I mapped out where she needed to go ahead of time, so she got everything in we needed for the book, except for a visit to the sewers. But no problem. That information we found on the Internet. BOL!

No word if she Oui Ouieed on the Eiffel Tower.

What makes a dolphin decide to be an enemy?

Thats a terrific question - I dont really know! I didnt dare ask the ones who attacked as I was floating on a buoy off the coast of Vancouver Island. Im fluent in most languages but had great difficulty with cetacean, even with the American dolphin, Nolly. Its something I need to work on.


Coffee or Tea: Tea for KC, Water for May

Beef or Chicken: Chicken

Paris or London: Both are super, but probably London

Playing fetch or riding in the car: May here. Definitely playing toss & fetch with my toys!!!! For KC, either one

Lassie or Rin Tin Tin: Do we have to pick?

Superman or Batman: May here. Batman is way too dark for both of us. Supermans all about freedom and the American Way, just like me!

Surfing or Skiing: We have K9 furiends who surf! KC loves to snow ski, May hasnt tried either one. Hmmm. Maybe book 4 ;)

Bubble Bath or Chocolate: Neither for May (bath?! EWWW!) Freya chocolate from Oslo, Norway for KC, oh. my. yum.

And finally, whats your theme song? “It Might Be Hope”   by Miss Sara Groves. Its a good one!

Thank you so much for having us. Loved meeting you and your readers. 
Mom and I (and my crazy little brother Cass when I'm on a mission) go to festivals and fairs in the region. We show with our FURiends at Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery... They make the bestest all-natural, no added sodium pet treats. YUM. My favorite is chicken!

We also visit schools for FREE! All we ask is for transportation funds and the opportunity to sell our books, at a discount of course, to students and faculty. Mom usually teaches a writing lesson to augment what is being taught in the classroom. We love meeting our fans! You can see photos on our website and also in our photo albums on Facebook. Check it out and let us know when we can come see you!
 Jay Mims writes books, blogs, and knows a thing or two about mysteries. Jay lives with The Mimsus, a passive aggressive Dalek named Steve, and a cat named Eartha Kitty. Jay is far funnier on Facebook then in real life. He is terrible at Twitter.


  1. GOOD morning, Mr Jay and Eartha Kitty and everypawdy else!
    May the K9 Spy here.

    We're so thrilled to be with you and your readers!
    Thanks for having us today.

    We'll be in and out today (training is difficult to work around) but we'd adore answering questions and responding to comments. Mom too.

    So - thanks again and have a terrific day!


  3. Hi Miss Tina!!!
    The feeling is PURELY MUTUAL I assure you!!! MWAH!
    Thanks for coming by.
    You have lots of books and published stories out there. Congratulations to you!!! You're success is something we aspire to for sure...

  4. Hello, May and KC!!! What a lovely write-up and interview! May, how do you find the time to do all that you do?? You write books, work as a spy, and make public appearances. Wow!! You're quite the dog on the go!!

  5. Miss Cindy!
    Awhh, thanks. Easy when you're in Mimseyville... BOL!
    He's FUN!
    Tell Buckley & Bogey, your very own cat detectives, hello for us.

    Hey, takes one to know one.
    You have a wonderful new devotional book out yourself in addition to several series and games too...
    What a fun human you are!
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. I was glad to see your comment on brevity. I find authors who write a complete chapter about a rock thrown into a pond and the ripples... blah blah blah and they’ve lost me. May's books move along, they keep you interested and anticipating the next one.
    Thom T.

  7. Mr Thom!!!

    HI HI HI! Thanks for stopping by. Mom wondered who Anonymous might be but... I figured it out right off. That's why I'M the spy and she's not. BOL!

    Oh thank you so much for the comment. Yep - gotta keep moving, that's the way they teach you in the K9 Spy Service! Glad you approve!

  8. Awesome interviews! KC and May are the best! :) Lots of great advice in this post for writers - and a lot of fun stuff for readers. Pawsome! ;)

    Thank you for hosting them, JMims! Great post!


    1. Miss Amber!
      You came by. Know you are soooo busy with all your editing and promotion work for us authors, in addition to your own pawsome writing.
      Thank you! :D