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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My my my Jacinta! Mimsey on Maree

Hello Gentle Readers,

For those who don't know, Jacinta Maree has a new book out. More importantly, Jacinta is awesome (and a friend to the blog).

She's also Australian. And you know how much I love Australians.

Jacinta was kind enough to share her Top Ten Favorite Monsters:

Top Ten Favorite Paranormal Creatures

  1. Dragons  - All time favourite. Dragons have so many different stories and myths behind them it’s difficult to pick what type of dragon I like the best. 
  2. Sirens - I’ve always been fascinated by Sirens thanks to their deadly yet beautiful nature. I think I like them because they can be portrayed as both good and evil.
  3. Reapers - Death itself, everything about a Reaper is fascinating. Like dragons, there are many different versions of reapers. I feel like Reapers are the best way to describe fear.
  4. ShapeShifters - I wouldn’t mind having the ability to shapeshift. The possibilities would be endless.
  5. Ghosts - Ghosts completely baffle me. Are they friendly? What do they want? Why are they here? There’s a mystery to ghosts that I can never really wrap my head around.
  6. Banshee - Much like Sirens, Banshee’s are often depicted as evil creatures but I find them to be absolutely fascinating.
  7. Vampires - The old classic, vampires have been a source of fear and desire for a very long time. I find Vampires are like super humans only constricted to the night.
  8. Werewolves - Werewolves are primal and act on their animalistic urges. Though these qualities aren’t something I find alluring, they definitely are fascinating creatures to try to understand.
  9. Mermaids - I don’t know much about the tales of mermaids, but I’ve put them on the list thanks to their darker side. Mermaids, like Sirens, have a twisted urge to drown or kill man. I want to know why.
  10. Angels - Angels are on the bottom of my list only because I find they are usually the most straightforward therefore boring class. But, in some cases, Angels have a twisted side too which makes them more interesting to read about.

Title- My Demonic Ghost: Banished Spirits
Series- My Demonic Ghost Book #1
By- Jacinta Maree
Genre- YA Paranormal/Ghosts
Published By- Staccato Publishing

Rachael has traveled to Whitehaven to visit her father, a trek she can not help but dread given his recent descent into madness. Upon her arrival she realizes his deterioration has not only been mental, it’s been physical as well. His death comes as no surprise, but what she discovers soon after, is shocking when his burden becomes hers.
Lock is a banished spirit who must attach himself to a human host in order to hide from those who would drag him back to hell to be destroyed. When he meets Rachael he finds more than a host, he finds an ally.
Together they must defeat each of the seven sins in order to guarantee Lock's safe passage into the Third Realm, a loophole in creation that would allow him to escape hell and have peace at long last. Through their unlikely friendship, other banished spirits flock to them in hopes of a peace they hadn't dreamt possible.


Title- My Demonic Ghost: The Reapers
Series- My Demonic Ghost # 2
By- Jacinta Maree
Genre- YA Paranormal/Ghosts
Published By- Staccato Publishing

The day you die is meant to be the end, but for 18 year old Jordon Hastings, his death was only the beginning.
 In a dark and twisted world, lost spirits known as Reapers remain behind after death to help collect the spirits from the realm of the living. A new Reaper, Jordon struggles to accept his fate and lingers in the shadows of his mortal life. But when a demon wolf starts to live through his shadow, hunting his family and friends Jordon has no choice but to leave. As soon as he accepts his new role the truth behind the relationship between Reapers and Angelic Hunters is revealed. His loyalty is tested, making him choose between a corrupted God and a single Banished Spirit.

Self confessed chocaholic, Jacinta was born and raised in Melbourne Australia with her loving family of five. Even as a child Jacinta had an itch to write. Writing was the one constant hobby she clung to, also trying her hand at piano, flute, tennis, horseback riding and drama.

Jacinta works full time in the family business and spends her afternoons either playing basketball, reading, writing or hanging out with friends. She is always happy to try something new; getting her real estate license, practicing ninjitshu, Zumba and parkour to name a few.

For her future, Jacinta sees herself writing. It is a large part of her identity and something she hopes to continue. Aside from her love of stories she loves Japan and its unique and beautiful culture and history. From their delicious sushi dishes right down to their wooden sandals and kimonos. She is also a huge cat person and loves to snuggle up in front of the fire for a good movie or book. Her favorite genres are paranormal and fantasy but she also loves anything written by thriller writer, Stephen King.