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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The kid....

The lady who lives in the apartment above mine was just pulling in when I got home today. She had been feeling ill and I asked how she was, and said “Hi” to her kid. 

As I was chatting with Mom, the kid, who I should point out is about six and who had just arrived home, decided to wee on a nearby tree. 

There are few things that can match the hilarity of chatting with Mom while her kid is watering the plants nearby.
I walked inside, grabbed carrots for Big Willy and company, and came back out. Mom was grabbing stuff from her car, and I asked them both if they wanted to feed the horses. 

Well apparently kid has baseball tonight, and Mom is on canteen duty. Her first day back from being sick with Strep throat, mind you. I confessed my admiration, and headed off to feed the horses. 

Mom told the child to get in the house, which I laughed at. The kid turned to me and said “You get in the house!”

I came very close to yelling back “No you get in the house” back and forth. Unfortunately Mom had already pushed the wild child toward the stairs. 

Still not sure if I should tell them the little brat’s responsible for one of my favorite blog posts yet.

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